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Becoming A Guiltless Survivor

As a child molestation survivor and after witnessing her boyfriend shot dead in front of her at 17 years old, not only did Kiana suffer from survivors guilt, but also her mother. It never occurred to Kiana that her mom suffered in silence just as she did. After a very candid and teary conversation, it became very clear that there was a need for B.A.G.S. a 501 c3 organization.   


Because sur·vi·vor's guilt is a REAL THING!

noun: survivors guilt

  1. a condition of persistent mental and emotional stress experienced by someone who has survived an incident in which others died.

    "he escaped with his life but suffered from survivor's guilt"



Is to steer women to mental health professionals, who have been held hostage by their emotional, physical and mental baggage by themselves or their partners

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